Aviator Casino: our opinion and test on this crash game

Crash games are the latest hype in the online gambling world. Simple, immersive and lucrative entertainment that somewhat changes punters from the routine of their casino experience. Aviator is a bit of a flagship in this category, as the title has all the features and functionality, as well as offering one of the best gameplays we've seen in the business. So we tested this mini-game, and here are our impressions on all its aspects: its presentation, its functioning, its rules and the potential gains. Read on to find out everything there is to know about this very popular casino title.

Min. stake$0.1
Max. stake$1,000
Max. gain$10,000
What is Aviator?

What is Aviator?

Aviator is a 2019 title designed by Spribe, a Ukraine-based software developer operating in the industry since 2018. It is ''crash'' in nature, meaning that it uses the concept of an aircraft (usually a plane, spaceship or helicopter) flying around the screen over a variable time period. As long as it flies, a potential gain is generated for the player by a multiplier system, and the journey only ends when it crashes. The 'crash' can be an explosion, a slaughter or a simple disappearance from the boundaries of the game screen as is precisely the case with Aviator. The objective is to pocket the said payout before this happens, otherwise the stake will be lost.

The interface of Aviator refers to a kind of dashboard, with setting keys to conduct the game. The game screen has a dark background, with coloured labels for the various useful controls and indications. Aviator is a game suitable for any type of player, beginner or experienced, as you will discover in the next lines that its gameplay is extremely simple.

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How to play the Aviator casino game?

Nothing could be easier than accessing Aviator to play it. However, it's important to take a number of precautions before jumping in, to ensure that the experience is as great as it's supposed to be. The safety aspect is always the most important when we give advice to players. Then come some considerations in terms of quality of service, which is essential to ensure that the experience is as enjoyable as it is complete for you, the player.

Finding a trusted online casino

As we have said, aeroplane mini-games are currently experiencing a huge surge in popularity on online casino platforms. Thousands of fans are being drawn to them every day, all over the world, and this can be seen especially with Aviator. Such success has certainly attracted the rogue operators that plague the online gambling world and that we keep warning you about. It would not be surprising, then, if counterfeits of the game were already circulating on the web, with the same gameplay, but rigged fairness to prevent you from winning a single cent.

The only way to avoid being duped is to play it at a trusted casino. To recognize one, you can check a few characteristic elements that can reassure you about the reliability of the said casino. The first of these elements is obviously the accreditation, an operating license granted by a jurisdiction with international competence as a guarantee of legality. The accreditation is usually mentioned on the main page of the site concerned and/or in one of its additional information sections. Jurisdictions vary (Malta Lotteries and Gambling Authority, UK Gambling Commission, Curaçao eGaming Authority, etc.), and you can check the presence of the gaming platform of your choice on their official lists.

Look also for possible licences from independent regulatory bodies such as Ecogra (eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance), iTech Labs, Gaming Labs International, etc. These organisations specialise in auditing online casinos to ensure the fairness of the games they offer and the quality of the overall service. Don't hesitate to read reviews and consult other players' opinions on forums to get an idea of the reputation of the platform you are about to choose. Finally, a quality casino will also generally offer amenities to enhance your experience, such as a specific bonus for playing Aviator.

All of these checks require a lot of time, but are more than necessary. If you don't have enough patience to do them, you can simply choose one of the recommended online casinos on our site. We have spent many hours combing through these betting platforms to ensure their reliability. Most importantly, we have tested them by playing them ourselves. So you can sign up and enjoy yourself with your eyes closed and be sure to get your money back if you initiate a withdrawal of your winnings.

Launch the game

Once you have chosen your casino, go through our site to visit their platform and register. The process of creating an account usually takes less than 5 minutes. However, to validate your account 100%, you will then need to have your identity verified by sending in documentation. Once this is done, you can access Aviator in a specific tab or usually in a 'Minigames' section separate from the usual entertainment (slots, table and card games, lotteries, etc.). Some sites have a search bar to find it more quickly. Once found, simply click on the game logo to launch it.

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What are the rules of the Aviator Casino game?

What are the rules of the Aviator Casino game?

Once the game has loaded, you need to start by placing a bet using the command keys. You can choose one of the preset values on the screen, which are usually in the range of €1, €2, €5, €10, or you can specify the bet of your choice using the + and - keys. Then click on "Bet" to start the game. You will see the red plane take off and you just have to hope that its flight lasts as long as possible. A multiplier visible on the screen will increase as you go along, showing you your potential payout. The bigger your starting bet, the bigger your potential reward.

As mentioned above, you must terminate the plane's flight to collect your winnings, and you must do so before the crash occurs. The latter happens completely unexpectedly, and therein lies all the suspense on this Spribe signature entertainment option. To stop the flight, simply click on the "Cash Out" button. If the plane crashes before you have "secured" your winnings, your bet will be lost. So you need to be careful not to be too greedy when looking for a big multiplier.

To make things even more interesting, there is a second bet panel that you can use in conjunction with the first or independently of it. So, if you use both panels simultaneously, you can increase your winnings substantially. Remember that you will have to place two bets, which means that if you crash, you will lose twice if you do not cash out in time. If you don't want to have to make adjustments every time, you can use the auto play options. There's the "Auto Cash Out" which allows you to specify a multiplier limit to hit to stop the plane, and the "Auto Play" vignette which allows you to restart up to 10 flights automatically, without lifting a finger.

Everything happens very quickly on Aviator. Flights average 20 seconds in length, and you have about 10 seconds to place your bets before the next round. Don't worry though if you're not fast enough, you can simply wait for the next flight or place your bet while the flight you missed is in progress. This somewhat fast pace contributes to the immersive nature of the game, and more than a hundred rounds can thus be launched in an hour.

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How to make money on the Aviator game?

How to make money on the Aviator game?

Aviator is a game based solely on luck. Its results are determined by a reliable random number generator. As such, only good risk management can enable you to maximise your winnings, and this is a quality that every player develops with experience. However, there are a number of strategies you can try that many experts believe work when applied carefully. These strategies are more a matter of logic and are by no means a guarantee of winning on Aviator.

The Martingale

The martingale is the most famous of the strategies advocated for Aviator, and it is used on many games by thousands of players around the world. The principle is to bet double the stake if you lose on the previous round. For example, if you bet €2 and you crash without cashing out, you will bet €4 on the next round. If you crash again, you will bet €8, then €16, and so on until you manage to win. The aim of the method is to make you win back everything you lost on the first win, plus a possible profit. As soon as you win, you can go back to the initial €2 bet and stick with it as long as the winning streak continues.

For the martingale technique to work, a number of conditions must be met. First of all, you need to have a substantial bankroll, enough to keep you going in the event of repeated losses. This strategy can lead to a tenfold increase in your initial bet! Also, it is important that you keep a fixed multiplier during the game if you want to have effective and easily traceable results.

There is an inverted variant of the martingale which is referred to as the "reverse martingale", or "Paroli system". As the name suggests, it involves reversing the rule: after each win, you have to double the bet, this in order to maximise profits as quickly as possible during a favourable streak. If you win after betting €2, bet €4 on the next round, then €8 if you win again, and so on. However, it is prudent to set a win limit here, beyond which it is better to go back to the original bet to avoid losing big in one go. Also set a reasonable multiplier limit to limit the risk of loss.

Automatic cash-out

This is a tip rather than a strategy, and you can apply it through a feature built into Aviator that is very important for you to remember to use if you hope to play and win in the long run. This is the Auto Cashout that we mentioned earlier. It allows you to automatically cash out your winnings as soon as the set multiplier is reached. There is no need to worry about clicking at the right time, and there is no risk of delay that could cause you to lose your money. Above all, it prevents you from making a common mistake among gamblers, that of getting too greedy and pushing the risk too far. Remember that a crash can really happen at any time. The best thing to do is to always set a reasonable winning limit and withdraw your money the second it is reached. By doing this, there is a very good chance that you will end up with a positive balance.

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Aviator game features

As mentioned above, Aviator is one of the most popular titles in the mini-game crash category. This is due to a number of features not necessarily found elsewhere, which when put together make this Spribe title a real gem of comfort and immersion.

Live Chat in the game

Aviator features a live chat window that gives the player the ability to interact with everyone else involved in the action at the same time. So, you can talk about the game or other topics in a thread where dozens of other players located all over the world can read and respond to you. You can discuss strategies and exchange tips to maximize your chances. It's a social experience that enhances not only the game, but also the overall online casino experience. The live chat window is located on the right side of the game screen.


The other interesting feature with this title is that it allows you to track the game statistics of several other players in real time. In the compartment designed for this purpose on the left side of the game screen, you can thus see the bets placed on Aviator, the winnings generated and the nicknames of the recipients. This is a very interesting tool for the keen analyst, who can use it to observe the game plans of the players who are winning the most money and to appropriate them. For example, you can follow the betting patterns of a player who appears on a particularly good day and determine what betting strategy he or she uses to succeed in the session. Good observation skills can be the key to winning it all!

Participate in tournaments and win rewards!

On Aviator, you can also participate in Aviarace, open tournaments at Spribe's partner online casinos. These competitions pit you against other players, over a period of time, at the end of which those with the most winnings are rewarded with prizes. Aviarace tournaments add to the fun and immersion of the title. Apart from that, you can take advantage of the "Rain Promo", a regular promotion that randomly distills free spins into the live chat thread. These free spins can be used to launch aircraft flights on the game, after being claimed by the beneficiary player. With "Aviarace", the action never stops on Aviator.

Aviator demo

Are you still hesitating to get started? Do you want to get a more thorough idea of the entertainment Aviator offers before you put your money on it? Well, you should know that the game exists in a demo version. Free sessions allow you to get a feel for the action without taking any risks. The experience is exactly the same and just as good, except that you won't win any real money in this mode. You will, however, be able to experience the game from the ground up and get a better feel for what's in store.

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Free Aviator: it's possible!

So where do you go to access the totally free demo version of Aviator? You can take advantage of it right here on our platform to cut your teeth and get used to the gameplay as well as all the features presented here. You'll have a large, fictitious bankroll from which you can place bets to varying degrees and see how much profit they generate depending on the multiplier applied. The experience is truly as accurate as possible. You can also head over to developer Spribe's official website to try out the title, which awaits you there with plenty of details and additional information.

Aviator available on mobile

Wish you could enjoy the action on Aviator more regularly, but are constantly on the go because your job doesn't require you to be glued to a PC screen all day? No problem, because you don't have to be on your computer to play it. Spribe's title is available on the usual mobile devices, Android or iOS smartphones and tablets. This means you can place your bets in the palm of your hand and watch the flights of planes to see how lucky you are. This can be done night or day, at any location, depending on your availability.

The best part is that you might find yourself preferring Aviator's mobile experience. The title has been perfectly adapted to smaller screens and doesn't lose out on visual quality or sound effects. The gameplay is just as smooth as it is on PC, if not more so, and it's great to make all the settings simply with your thumb or forefinger, and watch the action unfold.

Playing Aviator with crypto-currencies

Software developer Spribe has made a real point of expanding the accessibility of its crash mini-game to players from all over the world. To achieve this, it has partnered with casinos that accept crypto-currencies so that currency is not a barrier at all.

So if you're a crypto-enthusiast, you'll feel like a fish in water with Aviator, on which it's entirely possible to place bets with crypto assets. In fact, the security incorporates the blockchain's own Provably Fair encryption technology, which guarantees its fairness as well as its security. It has been designed to fit into the gambling libraries of bitcoin casinos that have recently proliferated in the online betting industry in a futuristic trend. Establishments like MyStake Casino or Casinozer are perfect examples.

If you wish to place bets in Bitcoin or any other crypto-currency at Aviator, you will simply need to choose this payment method to fund your account. This is usually done at the time of deposit. Also, make sure that the casino offers the crypto you have as an option. Or you can buy it directly at some casinos via a payment service provider.

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What is the RTP of Aviator?

Spribe is clearly very keen to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for players. The recorded payout rate for Aviator is 97%. This is a score that is in line with the average in the gambling world. What this means in practice is that you have a decent chance of making a profit by playing this aeroplane mini-game over the long term. The variance of the title is low-medium, which also means that you will record winnings at a reasonable frequency on a small scale. In any case, as mentioned above, only your ability to manage risk will make you come out on top.

Aviator gambling: our conclusion on the trending aeroplane game

With such a simple flow that anyone can play, Spribe's crash Aviator game really has something to appeal to punters looking for a new thrill at their online casinos. Its social features and amenities make an already lucrative entertainment experience even more interesting. We easily spent a couple of hours winning money and no time was wasted. The possibility to participate in real money tournaments or to try it out in free demo mode were also important factors. All in all, Aviator is definitely a game worth playing, which explains why it's currently very trendy.

Don't hesitate and play Aviator!

Questions frequently asked about Aviator

Find an online casino with Aviator, sign up, log in, deposit funds if required, and select the game from the catalog to start playing.

Place bets, cash out before the airplane crashes, and multiply your bet based on the current multiplier value when you cash out.

Yes, Aviator is optimized for mobile devices, allowing for seamless gameplay on smartphones and tablets through supported online casinos.


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